Layout Snatcher

Have you ever seen a really cool layout on someone's profile and wanted it for yourself? Now you don't have to search around the entire internet to find the code - you can "snatch" it right from their page!

Quick Tip: Personally I prefer to browse or design layouts in , a better browser than Internet Explorer.

It's very easy to do. All you have to do is enter someone's "friend ID" into the box below and this free tool will grab the layout code for you.

Just enter the Friend ID of any profile page below... then click "Get Code" and we'll grab their MySpace layout code for you! (You can find the friend ID in the address bar as seen in the picture below.)

myspace friend id

Friend ID:


*If you want to customize your profile, try the Myspace tweaks section instead. Or do your own layout from scratch using the Myspace layout generator.