Making Money With Your Resource Site

Have your own Myspace resource site full of layouts and glitters? Then you probably want to make money with it, right?

We'll start with the best options and then go down the list...

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular way to monetize a resource site. It is used on a lot of popular websites (including,) and it's free to sign-up, so get started today.

It's also integrated into the PPRS script, so if you are using that, you should definitely sign-up for Adsense. (You can click the link below to sign-up.)

Once you sign-up and get approved, you will be able to log-in and get your ad code that you can display on your site. It's a very simple copy and paste.

If you are using PPRS, all you have to do is copy your PUB-ID number and paste that in. The rest of the ad code is prepared for you.


Advertising Widgets

There are a few companies that operate advertising systems that are similar to Google Adsense, but they offer numerous types of image ads and shopping widgets. The two I recommend are Chitika and WidgetBucks.

You can sign-up for free at each network by clicking those links. They are a nice complement to your Adsense ads.

*WidgetBucks is offering a $25 bonus to new publishers, but I'm not sure how long that will last, so sign-up as soon as you can.


Other Ad Networks

The three previously mentioned ad networks are probably the best, but if you have an extremely popular site, or if you need to fill more ad spots, here are some other places to try: