PPRS - The ProfilePrincess Resource Site Script

[Update: Script currently undergoing revisions. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

Want to get in on the massive 'Myspace resource site' market?

Now you can, with the Profile Princess Resource Site Script (PPRS.)

Installing this script gives you a fully-functional Myspace resource site right out of the box. You just edit a few files and upload - it's that simple!

Now you may have seen a similar script out there for free. Our script is based on the freely available content in that script, but the PPRS has been totally re-coded, updated, and optimized. It now features a standards compliant CSS design (not table-based!), SEO optimization for lots of free traffic, and the code was optimized for fast page loads, too.

It blows away any free scripts, no doubt about it. However, the script is not the best on the market. If you want the best, you can spend $297 for the MSRS script. If you want something for free, just search Google for a free myspace resource script.

But if you can afford a measly $5, then stay here!

Some features of our script:

You can see all our packages below. The basic script costs just $5 and the premium scripts cost $9, and there are live demos available for each script. Once you find the one you want, just click the "Buy Now" button.

After you pay, you'll be able to download the script instantly! (Be sure to click "return to merchant" after completing your PayPal payment, because that is where you will get your download instructions.)


pprs ebook cover

This is a complete guide to building, maintaining, and making money from your very own Myspace resource site. Buy it now for $5.

(Of course, this comes free with any script purchase, so scroll down and buy a script instead!)

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Get a copy of our basic script with a basic design - just $5 if you order today!

Click here for a preview. (opens in new window)

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Version 1 of our premium designs. This is $9.

Click here for a preview. (opens in new window)

Or, see the live demo: lionlayouts.com

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The second in our premium line, also $9.

Click here for a preview. (opens in new window)

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The third design in our series of premium scripts. $9.

Click here for a preview. (opens in new window)

Best deal!!

Want more? Buy the PPRS Ultra Edition and get a copy of every one of our scripts - perfect if you want to start a network of resource sites! Discounted to $27.


*Installation is available for $10 and includes one script installation on one domain. Learn more on the installation request page.


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